Special Olympics Delaware - MOT (including Smyrna) Area

The MOT Area serves people living within the boundaries of Middletown, Odessa, Towsend and Smyrna within zip codes 19709, 19730, 19731, 19734, 19977, 19938 and 19955

Bonnie Wagner serves as Area Director of Special Olympics Delaware - MOT Area and can be reached at 302-740-9108 or sode.mot@gmail.com.

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How to join Special Olympics Delaware - MOT

News Updates

Sports Schedules

Social Committee Information

Family Information

Area Contacts

How to join Special Olympics Delaware - MOT

Athletes, Unified Partners and Volunteers interested in joining Special Olympics Delaware - MOT please fill out the online sign-up form or print and submit. Once you submit it, you will be contacted by someone from the Area. If you would like to speak to someone about Special Olympics before signing up, please contact Brenda Zullo at bzullo@udel.edu or 302-831-3479.

News Updates

Area Quarterly Update (Spring 2014)

Sports Schedules

Unless otherwise noted, contact the sports directors for more information about practices (contact info below).

Summer Bowling League at Mid-County Lanes

Social Committee Information

Family Information

Summer Bowling League at Mid-County Lanes

Family brochure

Area Contacts

Area Managment Team:

Area Director: Bonnie Wagner - 302-740-9108 or sode.mot@gmail.com

Athlete Liaison: Glenn Scrafford - shirleylafrancis@aol.com

Athlete Leadership Coordinator: Wanda Scrafford - shirleylafrancis@aol.com

Family Liaison: Kim Bates - kabates66@aol.com

Registration Manager: Susan Scott - susanscott31@verizon.net; Jean Beck - jeanbeck@comcast.net

Social Manager: Ursula Graves - ladytee073@msn.com

Volunteer Manager: Rebecca Hallett - rebecca.hallett2010@verizon.net; Ron Hallett - runrun155@verizon.net

Fall Sports Directors:

Bocce: Pat Bomba - pdbomba@yahoo.com

Cycling: Vacant

Equestrian: Vacant

Flag Football: Alex Poholsky - apoholsky@gmail.com

Golf: Vacant

Long Distance Running: Kathy Denny - kdenny01@yahoo.com; Dana White

Masters Sports: Vacant

Soccer: Vacant

Volleyball: Kathy Denny - kdenny01@yahoo.com

Young Athletes: Ron and Rebecca Hallet - runrun155@verizon.net

Winter Sports Directors:

Alpine Skiing: Vacant

Basketball: Bruce Graves - bgravesfam@msn.com 

Bowling: Matt Mahoney - crabduck8@verizon.net; Ed & Shirley Redmond - eredm97@aol.com

Figure Skating: Vacant

Nordic Skiing: Vacant

Roller Skating: Vacant

Snowshoeing: Vacant

Spring Sports Directors:

Aquatics: Bonnie Wagner - sode.mot@gmail.com

Athletics: Kathy Denny - kdenny01@yahoo.com

Bocce: Pat Bomba - 2patsb@comcast.net

Powerlifting: Vacant

Softball: Theresa Constantini - tconstantini012@verizon.net

Tennis: Vacant

If you are interested in serving in a role that is vacant, please contact MOT Area Director Bonnie Wagner at 302-740-9108 or sode.mot@gmail.com.
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